Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Baked Apples

Obviously, I love me some baked apples. Of course, I probably should come up with something else to do with the apples I get in my CSA box, but I like my baked apples.

On the bottom is more of the panfried noodles with beets, greens, and carrots, some grilled flap or skirt steak that found its way out of the depths of the johbisai in my freezer (it needs some marinade or sauce or something, I discovered), and some broccoli salad.

Actually, the broccoli salad is a hybrid between broccoli salad and kidney bean salad. Traditionally (or at least in my family), broccoli salad has broccoli, raisins, red onion, bacon (or in this case prosciutto bits) and then a mayo-red wine vinegar dressing. Kidney bean salad has a similar dressing but has kidney beans, celery, cheese, and I think red onions. Not sure. It's funny, I actually had the kidney bean salad recipe out this morning, but the one I can remember is the broccoli salad. Anyway, I took my favorite parts of both and made a single salad. Broccoli, celery, kidney beans, raisins, and prosciutto bits with the dressing. Mine actually subs a large part of the red wine vinegar with champagne vinegar, but I think it was a minor mistake. The champagne vinegar is not as subtle as the red wine vinegar - I wouldn't expect to say that, but there you have it.

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Painting in L A said...

MMMmmmm! That kidney bean broccoli salad sounds good!! Think I'll make some!!