Wednesday, February 18, 2009

New Box!

A new Clickety Click box from my local bento store. I was actually looking for big egg molds, but they were out.....and they had cute boxes. And so I got this one and a collapsible one that I'm sure I'll use in the coming weeks.

So I made a huge onigiri in the top (stuffed with tuna and miso) and added some nori to aid consumption, since my big onigiri usually fall apart:

And then I filled the bottom with roasted veggies, two kinds of kinpira, and pickles:
tasty tasty


Painting in L A said...


Brigid said...

I have bento boxes! But I can eat two of them easily, as I bought the Ghibli - Totoro & Sho Totoro & Kurosuke - Lunch Bento Boxes for kids.

Mead Chick said...

Those are cute ones! All of my "real" bento boxes are at least 500mL and generally fairly plain looking (this new one is the cutest, imo). I have a few Lock&Locks that are smaller, but they definitely aren't cute. I try to make up for the lack of outward cuteness with doing at least some cuter bentos - usually the ones with shaped onigiri.