Monday, January 12, 2009

The Bento Challenge

I am participating in the Bento Challenge over at Just Bento. My goals for the duration are to make bento lunches more regularly, use all of my CSA produce during the week, and get better at making bentos, specifically to make cuter, more streamlined bentos. This week, I want to make lunch bentos every day this week except Friday, when I will be having free lunch at Journal Club. I will plan to go ahead and make a snack bento Friday, though. Additionally, for the challenge we are focusing on mise en place and pre-planning my bentos. This means that I need to have my bento supplies ready for the next day every night. It also means that I needed to plan my bentos for the week over the weekend.

While I am trying to build and maintain a healthy lifestyle that includes getting to a more reasonable weight than where I’m at, I am not planning to do the weight loss portion of the bento challenge for the most part. However, I can already tell you that my bento containers hold either 580mls or 690mls. At least, that’s my actual bento boxes. I also have some lock and locks that range from 250mls to 450mls. Additionally, I need about 2000kcal/day for my current weight/height/metabolism.

At the end of the week, I’ll post my menu for the week as it was originally planned and compare it to what I actually ate.

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