Monday, January 12, 2009

Monday Lunchtime!

I knew I was going to be having kind of a long day and exercising quite a bit (4.25 miles running and half a mile at the pool), so I packed a big bento today. I ended up not finishing the inari and not eating the two Pocky sticks in the lid of my bento at lunchtime because I got full, even though I'd just finished my swim. I'll probably eat all that later, though. Anyway, here's my bento:

Top: two inari stuffed with rice/quinoa mixture and topped with a tsp or so of lobster salad, a quail egg, roasted acorn squash, and greens

Bottom Left: more lobster salad, and blanched leeks with some vinaigrette

Bottom Right: carrot flowers, paté, Cypress Grove truffle tremor, and pineapple

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